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Clara Franz-Arau


Clara was born and raised in Los Angeles in a Mexican-European family deeply rooted in the music and entertainment industries. Her background provided her with the opportunity to explore diverse languages, cultures, and musical styles worldwide. Clara has honed her talents through extensive stage experience as a musical theater actor, singer, and dancer.


Her vocal style draws inspiration from the early jazz era, but she's equally comfortable creating and performing music spanning genres from alternative to pop. In February 2023, Clara's debut show at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood was an instant sell-out, marking a significant milestone in her career.

Recently, Clara has completed recording her debut R&B EP, which has been released to the public. With the guidance and collaboration of two-time Grammy-nominated producer Greg Manning, she has crafted an authentic R&B sound that truly represents her artistry. Additionally, Clara had the privilege of working with esteemed drummer John Paris from Earth, Wind & Fire on all three of her R&B tracks.


Clara's career received a significant boost when Putumayo music discovered her catchy bossanova tune "Me Faltas Tú." They featured it in 9 of their playlists and released it as part of their own collection. In a major milestone, on February 14, 2024, Putumayo curated a special album titled "World Love Songs" with only 10 tracks from different parts of the world. Clara's song was chosen as the opening track, providing her with a massive increase in exposure.

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